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Whether your goal is conquering 1,001 ways to make pasta at home or just conquering Rome on your next vacation, give yourself a victory for wanting to learn more about this warm and inviting lyrical language. Bring a friend and join us for a weekend of Italian language immersion interspersed with wonderful food, cultural classes and a game of roverino!

We’ll help you improve your Italian pronunciation, expand your vocabulary, learn new conversational skills, and broaden your knowledge of Italian-speaking cultures. No matter how much or how little Italian you know when you arrive, Lago del Bosco staff will work with you to make sure your skills have grown and developed as much as possible before the session is over.

Our talented and motivated staff members at Lago del Bosco provide expert instruction in small and large group settings catered specifically to your language abilities. They make sure the session includes ample opportunity for practicing your newfound Italian skills, as well as for meeting new people and for having fun.