Getting ready for a trip to the German-speaking world? Want to use German for fun or need to use it in your work environment?  Our unique program is designed with you in mind.

Programming includes delicious authentic food, conversation, cultural presentations, and many other activities such as Spazierengehen, Musik, Film und Tanz.

Explore the natural world on beautiful hikes through the forest.  Discuss German literature and debate environmental policies in our modern, super energy-efficient BioHaus. Through this experience you will gain confidence and further your abilities in German allowing you to apply your newly acquired language auf der Stelle.

Download Why Learn German? Poster Here

The Adult German Immersion Week is tailored to the way adults learn language. 

The talented and motivated staff members at Waldsee provide expert instruction in small and large group settings catered specifically to participants’ language abilities. You can focus your personal interest in German, develop skills that help you professionally, or prepare for a trip. The Adult Week is tailored to the way adults learn language and include cultural immersion activities and opportunities to engage on contemporary issues, with maximum opportunities to use your language as you are learning it -- all in a supportive, educationally-rich atmosphere. Language sessions are friendly, fun, accessible, and practical.

Waldsee German Adult Week is located at Waldsee  German Language Village near Bemidji, Minn. Waldsee  provides a beautiful, architecturally authentic backdrop with buildings modeled on a real German Language Village.  Everything from the mailboxes to the street signs is authentic to German style. Housing is geared to adult needs and expectations. Mealtimes are a signature experience of the CLV approach to language learning, and combine authentic regional cuisines with practical opportunities to use German in social settings.

Thematic Exploration

Participants in the August German Adult Week will have the opportunity to hone their German in a variety of situations and particularly through three themes:

  • Sustainability and Energy Futures
  • Germany, America, and the World
  • Personal Explorations

These three themes will frame a variety of engaging, hands-on activities and training sessions that will engage participants at their level of ability to learn and apply their language skills in communicative settings -- naturally, and with ease. The Waldsee BioHaus, the first certified Passivhaus in North America, is a ground-breaking language and cultural incubator for issues of sustainability and energy. In addition, Waldsee is a national leader in innovative methods combining language with contemporary issues of international affairs. You will literally learn German with all of your senses. The key to Waldsee's results is the ability of its staff to harness participants' individual interests to create motivating and supportive language sessions with personally rewarding results.

Meet the Program Leader

Edwin Dehler-Seter, a native of Fulda, Germany and Language Villages staff member for over 25 years with summer and year-round programs, is the dean for German Year-Round Programs and the Villages’ Environmental Education and Natural Resource Management Specialist. He holds a teaching degree from the University of Regensburg, Germany, and a Master’s of Science in Environmental Studies from Antioch New England Graduate School in Keene, N.H.