Lac du Bois

Experience the French language with all of your senses. Hear voices from Toulouse, Québec or the Maghreb, smell la lavande from Grasse or la brioche from our kitchen. Warm up with a chocolat chaud or refresh yourself with grenadine. Feel cloth from Bamako and Alsace and leaf through an old leçon de chose found at abrocante. Play, speak, smile, laugh and dream en français!

Our talented and motivated staff members’ expert instruction in small and large group settings cater specifically to participants’ language abilities. We make sure the session includes ample opportunity for practicing your newfound French skills, as well as for meeting new people and for having fun. We’ll help you improve your French pronunciation, expand your vocabulary, learn new conversational skills, and broaden your knowledge of French-speaking cultures.

NEW- French Adult Immersion Weekend February 14-17, 2020

The new French Adult Weekend in February will offer the best of our week-long program for adults who want a taste of French, or who want to stay connected to the Lac du Bois community during the year. We will have language classes and cultural activities for all abilities and time to enjoy our natural setting. Our world-class cuisine will take us to different countries on different continents where French is spoken.


Download Why Learn French? Poster Here

Note: Sessions labeled "Bemidji" will be held at one of our Turtle River Lake sites. Sessions labeled "Hackensack" will be held alongside youth programs at our Camp Holiday site near Hackensack, Minn.