Lac du Bois

Experience the French language with all of your senses. Hear voices from Toulouse, Québec or the Maghreb, smell la lavande from Grasse or la brioche from our kitchen. Warm up with a chocolat chaud or refresh yourself with grenadine. Feel cloth from Bamako and Alsace and leaf through an old leçon de chose found at abrocante. Play, speak, smile, laugh and dream en français!

Our talented and motivated staff members’ expert instruction in small and large group settings cater specifically to participants’ language abilities. We make sure the session includes ample opportunity for practicing your newfound French skills, as well as for meeting new people and for having fun. We’ll help you improve your French pronunciation, expand your vocabulary, learn new conversational skills, and broaden your knowledge of French-speaking cultures.

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Our site is in the woods on the Turtle River Lake property of the Language Villages. It has no electricity. The central location of the program is our campfire next to the outdoor kitchen. We live outdoors the entire session and sleep in shared outfitter-quality tents.

Meet the Program Leader

Bonjour!   Bienvenus !    On attend votre arrivée avec impatience..     

Welcome  to the French Village ! We are impatient for your arrival and look forward to meeting you.                                                                   

Je m’appelle Nicole Anderson et je suis maintenant « Interim Dean, French Academic Year Programs”. Je prends la place de mon ami et mon collègue François Fouquerel comme directrice des séjours français pendant l’année scolaire.  Il y a très longtemps, François et moi avons dirigé les weekends ensembles et je suis très contente de pouvoir reprendre ce travail maintenant. François a décidé de changer de voie avec Concordia Language Villages et il va continuer comme chef boulanger, ce qui représente l'affirmation de sa grande passion pour la cuisine.

My name is Nicole Anderson and I am now « Interim Dean, French Academic Year Programs ». I am taking the place of my friend and colleague François Fouquerel as director of academic year French programs. A long time ago, François and I led French weekends together and I am very happy to be able to take up this position again. François has decided to change the focus of his efforts and he is going to continue with Concordia Language Villages as Head Baker, which is the affirmation of his great passion for cuisine and baking.

Quant à moi, ca fait 38 ans que je travaille pour Concordia Language Villages dans une variété de postes au Lac du Bois Hackensack, Les Voyageurs, El Lago del Bosque, et les séjours pendant l’année scolaire. J’attends avec impatience faire votre connaissance!

As for me, I have worked for Concordia Language Villages in a variety of positions for 38 years, including Lac du Bois Hackensack, Voyaguers, El Lago del Bosque, and Academic Year Programs. I look forward to meeting you.

Soyez les bienvenus et n’hésitez pas à me contacter si vous avez des questions au sujet de votre séjour!

Please accept this warm welcome and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about your program with us !

Au plaisir de vous voir,

K. Nicole Anderson

Interim Dean, French Academic Year Programs

Concordia Language Villages