Retreat Weekends 

Enjoy a retreat-like visit to Salolampi with other Finnish culture enthusiasts during a retreat weekend program. Focusing on the culinary arts and wood- and handcrafts theme during the fall session, and networking, culture and communication in the spring, these weekends are perfect to discover Salolampi for the first time, introduce a family or friend to Finnish culture, or to reconnect with a place you grew up visiting while participating in fun Finnish cultural activities.  

Fall Retreat Weekend — Culinary Arts & Hand- and Woodcrafts 

Join us at the Fall Retreat Weekend for cultural immersion in Finnish culinary arts & hand- and woodcrafts. Yes, you too can make Finnish food and crafts at home! During this weekend we will bake Finnish classics like pulla, Karelian rice pies, and rye bread. We will cook dishes like rutabaga casserole, Nordic grain salad, and Finnish oven pancake. Handcrafts include rag rug loom weaving, basic and more advanced yarn projects, whittling and holiday favorites. Our saunas will provide additional inspiration and reflection time for participants.

Spring Retreat Weekend — Culture, Communication and Networking- CANCELLED for 2019

Join us at Salolampi for the ultimate weekend retreat! This weekend is designed to attend together with friends, or make new connections through common interests. Salolampi hosts for the weekend will offer relevant programming options from participant input, and options may include, baking/cooking demonstrations, handicrafts/weaving or small wooden projects. Significant time will be dedicated to connections around music, art or handicrafts; games, books and other cultural resources; and enjoyment of food, coffee and sauna together, all with a common Finnish undercurrent. We look forward to providing you with a relaxing weekend of long-lasting friendships and memories together!

*NOTE: While this program is geared toward adults, youth programming for families with children will be available upon request.

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Meet the Program Leader

Amy Iida Tervola Hultberg is dean of Salolampi, the Finnish Language Village. Iida has been a villager, credit villager, counselor, business manager, credit facilitator and assistant dean at SalolampiIida earned her BA from Concordia College, has an MA in education from Hamline University and K-12 administrative licensure from St. Mary’s University in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has done doctoral work at The Ohio State University and is currently nearing the end of doctoral coursework at Capella University.

Iida has taught elementary school students in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, for 13 years, serving the district as the primary literacy coordinator for five years. Well established in Finnish-American circles, she is executive secretary and active board member of the Salolampi Foundation and a trustee candidate of Finlandia Foundation National, along with serving as store manager and food service supervisor of Minnesota Finnish Historical Society Chapter 13.