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Immersion Experience

The documented success of Concordia Language Villages language and cultural immersion programs is defined by the secluded residential setting of its programs and the immersion methodology. Away from everyday distractions, focused on accelerated learning, participants gain competencies and confidence more effectively than in other settings.



The language and cultural immersion programs of Concordia Language Villages are based on a set of immersion precepts developed over the past fifty years. Learners enter a grand simulation as they cross the border into a Language Village, transitioning to truly live the language 24/7.

Surrounded by the sounds, look, feel and tastes of another culture, learners of all skill levels grow through formal and informal instruction targeted toward adult learners. The focus is on creating situations that require the use of the target language. Learners are supported by a staff ratio that provides opportunities for one-on-one instruction at many points throughout the day.

The program is learner-focused, language-centered and culture-driven. This becomes apparent not only during small group language instruction, but also during various hands-on activities (sports/games, cooking, music, etc.), presentations, discussions, etc. The intensity of the accelerated learning environment is balanced by creating an intentional play-world that includes humor, spontaneity and creativity to provide the freedom for each learner to express themselves in the target language.


The outcomes of a Language Villages immersion experience vary depending on the length of immersion and language experience of the participants. In general, participants will

  • Leave with increased cultural competencies and concrete cultural knowledge.
  • Gain confidence in interacting with individuals whose cultural background is different than their own.
  • Advance language competencies and leave with courage and confidence to use new skills.
  • Gain respect for the challenges of functioning in a different cultural setting.
  • Possess an enhanced skill set for contributing productively in the workplace.

Instructors and Staff

All teaching staff have learned another language themselves - they know how it feels. Many are native speakers of the language and all have traveled or lived in other countries.

Immersion Setting

For many, our 875 acre campus in Minnesota’s beautiful North Woods, adds value that only supports the overall learning experience. Last but not least, food is an integral component of any cultural experience, and all meals in a Language Village are home-cooked, representing the authentic cuisine of the country or countries where the target language is spoken. The entire Village experience becomes your textbook and classroom.