Diversity & Inclusion

Building Bridges With Language and Cultural Competencies

Djembe drumming.

The 2010 Census clearly lays it out: The workforce in the US is changing rapidly and it is difficult to keep up with the demands of increasing cross-cultural interactions between colleagues at home and abroad.

Successful organizations must embrace a workforce that includes individuals from around the world. This means welcoming interactions with open-minded curiosity, dignity, and respect. Inclusion reaches beyond the actual work situation. From the car-pool, the lunch room, casual encounters at the water cooler, to after-hours events and other social interactions, inclusion is vital to overall workplace synergy.

In order to truly understand the cultural context of another person’s thinking and doing, knowing their language, even just some of their language, opens doors for establishing interpersonal relationships, and builds bridges that will lead to increased productivity and create a competitive edge for the individual as well as their organization.

The experiential setting of a Concordia Language Villages language and cultural immersion program provides the ideal environment to encounter, discover, and explore another culture.

In a supportive setting and surrounded by a community of learners, real work gets done toward building cross-cultural competencies and language skills.