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Corporate Training Programs

Successful companies realize that a global outlook is important for success in the domestic and international arena. In addition to the skills necessary for working with counterparts from other countries, many companies are addressing the challenges of a global and multicultural workforce here at home through corporate language learning.

Concordia Language Villages customizes the content of corporate client programs to meet the specific needs of the client. This customization can range from focusing on corporate language learning required for a specific job to creating special situational learning scenarios that attempt to replicate real-work circumstances. Our programs combine language training with cultural competency.

In today’s increasingly inter-connected global economy, learning to work effectively across cultures—at home or abroad—can improve employee relations and productivity. In order to successfully engage with partners or team members, supervisors, managers and executives alike must preemptively learn to appreciate others’ mindsets, management styles, and cultural protocols, and to motivate their domestic and/or overseas team members. We often recognize the lack of global-mindedness or cultural sensitivity or the impact of language barriers in our workforce when it is too late and costly to recover.

A recent Economist survey of US managers reports that top skills necessary for a global workforce include three essentials: developing cultural sensitivity (73%), increasing intercultural conflict management skills (50%), and a deeper understanding of non-US cultures (47%). Furthermore, those who communicate in another language have a competitive edge.

Customized Language and Cultural Immersion Programs

At Concordia Language Villages we teach language in the context of culture. Learners experience cultural nuances through their interactions with instructors and staff (including native speakers) in a way that helps them to adapt to cultural attitudes and behaviors. Our immersion programs combine accelerated language training with cultural competency.

For these corporate language classes, typically 6-7 days in length, we effectively customize the content to meet specific client needs. This customization can range from intensive corporate language-learning immersion programs required for a specific work setting, to creating defined situational learning scenarios that replicate real-work circumstances. Past clients have included ‘big box’ retailers to physician clinics and hospitals. The direct result of these training programs on their employees and the workplace has positively impacted employee retention rates, productivity, and patient care.

Intercultural Training Retreats

In this intensive three- to four-day immersion retreat, developed in collaboration with the Offutt School of Business at Concordia College, Moorhead, Minn., managers will learn to more successfully manage relationships and teams by

  1. Developing a personal Cross-Cultural Management Profile and comparing it to the standard profiles of teams consisting of individuals of different nationalities, and emerge with a personal cross-cultural plan to motivate relationships for greater productivity.
  2. Developing basic conversational language skills for business and social settings.
  3. Learning to better manage teams on location and teams that are virtually connected to enhance team communication & performance.
  4. Role-playing inter-cultural situations in a simulated setting.