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Lodging for Adult Programs

Our culturally authentic, year-round sites for Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish are on Turtle River Lake, near Bemidji, Minn.

​Turtle River Lake

The permanent Villages, all located north of Bemidji, Minn. on Turtle River Lake, are designed to reflect the architectural styles of the countries they represent. Each Village contains a dining hall, additional smaller breakout meeting rooms and workspace. Overnight accommodations are in cabins which range from imported Finnish log cabins to two-story Norwegian cabins. All of the cabins are set in a quiet forest surrounded by pines and birch. Bunk beds are used in all Villages, although only lower bunks are utilized for adult groups. Each cabin has its own bathroom/shower facilities. Hiking trails abound on the site, and cross-country ski trails are maintained during the winter months on the south end of Turtle River Lake.

El Lago del Bosque (Spanish Language Village) has a dining hall (which seats 150) with smaller meeting or breakout space available in the various residential houses. There are 13 houses available for sleeping, each with individual shower and bathroom facilities and a meeting room. Each house will accommodate a maximum of 12-16 people in bunk beds. There is a 40-by-60-foot activities building available with a separate smaller meeting room.

Lesnoe Ozero (Russian Language Village) has a dining hall, Moscow, which seats 96 people at tables of six. There are 12 independent log cabins located around the north shoreline of Turtle River Lake. Each cabin houses up to 14 people in bunk beds. Lesnoe Ozero has a unique backdrop of rolling hills, summer pathways and winter cross-country trails connecting to the south shore of Turtle River Lake including the permanent sites of Concordia Language Villages.

Salolampi (Finnish Language Village) has a dining hall, Jyringin Talo which seats 120. There are six rooms on the lower level of the dining hall, which can be utilized for sleeping or small group meeting space. All five cabins have their own bathroom/shower facilities, which accommodate a maximum of 16 people in bunk beds. There are five semi-private rooms located on the ground floor in the dining hall available for overnight lodging. In addition, there are seven private rooms with adjacent bathrooms in the new west wing available for lodging.

Sjölunden (Swedish Language Village) cabins are beautiful, cozy and comfortable and house 12-16 people. All cabins have their own restroom and shower facilities and will give you that feeling of visiting a Swedish summer house. You’ll love walking down our beautiful paths to visit our sparkling lake whether to swim, sauna or sail. Or visit our fika where you can sit under a birch tree sipping tea and enjoying fresh-baked bullar.

Skogfjorden (Norwegian Language Village) has a dining hall, Gimle, which features beautiful rosemaled ceilings and easily seats 128 adults or up to 160 children. In addition, there is a large meeting room and two smaller meeting rooms on the lower level. Utgard, the activity building, offers gymnasium facilities, which also serve as a meeting area for larger groups. There are two smaller rooms available upstairs in the gym. Another building, Valhall, is also available for meeting space and some housing. Housing is in nine three-bedroom cabins. Each cabin has a capacity of 16 people in bunk beds, and has its own shared bathroom and cozy living area.

Waldsee (German Language Village) facilities include housing for 152 in bunk beds in three large buildings, Max Kade Haus, Erich Markel Haus and Schwarzwald Haus. Each of the buildings has sleeping areas, a common living area, and common bathrooms on the main level. The administrative building, Bahnhof, serves as classrooms, meeting areas, and some housing for staff. The dining hall, or Gasthof, seats 150 and the upper level of the Gasthof has a large group meeting area with one smaller meeting room for 15 to 25 people. Waldsee also has a shower building with private showers, bathroom facilities and an indoor sauna. Included at Waldsee is the energy-efficient BioHaus that features innovative designs and ideas to maintain self-sufficiency. The BioHaus has four rooms and can sleep up to six people per room.